The Australian Coalition for Education and Development (ACED) was established in 2008 and brings together 15 non-government organisations in Australia working on education in global development with a particular focus on Education for All.

All ACED members are committed to increasing Australian aid to education, and supporting the education of disadvantaged children and adults in Australia and the world. ACED and participating organisations are non-government and not for profit. ACED has been an active participant in a range of consultations with both the Global Partnership for Education, the Global Campaign for Education and the International Council of Adult Education on the Sustainable Development Goals.

ACED has developed the attached statement in order to call on the Australian Government to ratify the full education agenda and ensure funding for this agenda at the UN Summit in New York 25th- 27th September 2015 at which time the post 2015 Development Agenda is to be adopted.  Add link to statement above.

Further we urge our government(s) that after the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Agenda they establish legal and policy frameworks that truly ‘leave no one behind’, and to uphold the full exercise of the human right to education for all, children, youth and adults.

As a member of ACED, WAVE endorses the statement to Federal MPs.


ACED SDG Statement September 2015