L’Amour Gina-Whewell

Committee Member

L’ Amour Gina-Whewell is from the Solomon Islands and living in Australia since 2000 was educated in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand and has qualifications ranging from TAFE certificates in Vocational Education & Training to a Masters in Education, (First Class Honours).

“I undertook early research on women’s role in fishing, and after worked at the University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji as Fellow focussing on Legal Literacy for Community Educators in the 12 USP countries.

In Australia I have taught at Bourke High School, Mungindi Central School and Southern Cross School of Distance Education with NSW Department of Education. In NSW I continue on a casual basis at Southern Cross School of Distance Education. I am also busy with adult education at community level in northern NSW, especially with Pacific Islander women, many of whom are new arrivals in Australia.

In May 2023 l completed a 6 weeks course on Feminist Leadership and Gender Transformative Education through the Feminist School of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) - a global partnership dedicated to advancing gender equality in and through education. The knowledge and skills gained will be applied in projects or programs in my capacity as WAVE representative of regional/rural community of Northern New South Wales and elsewhere, and especially with the First Nations’ women and Pacific Island women working under the Pacific Labour Mobility Scheme currently operating in Australia.

I am also currently working with the University of New South Wales Language Department. I teach both Solomon Islands Pijin language and about Solomon Islands in general to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, (DFAT) personnel who get posted to work in the Australian Diplomatic Mission in Solomon Islands.

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