Sue Thompson

Western Australia Convenor

Sue Thompson has worked in further education colleges in the UK and Australia since 1988, as a lecturer, as a program manager/director and in 2013, as a consultant, at the Western Australian Department of Education Aboriginal Education branch. Sue’s specialist knowledge and interests include lecturer development (her Masters thesis was about the history and development of lecturer education in the UK) and the use of technology in teaching and learning, (Sue was one of ANTA’s inaugural Flexible Learning Leaders in 2000). Sue is currently Learning Portfolio Manager for ESL & General Education at Central Institute of Technology in Perth. Her aim is to reinvent and reinvigorate the Community and Adult Education space, a topic which combines many aspects of her experience in the sector and is enabling her to examine the possibility of personalised learning, a key emerging theme in the delivery of public services, including education and training internationally. Sue is pursuing studies in a range of areas, including the role of Social Enterprise in skills development and employment for socially disadvantaged groups.

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