Terri Quinlan

New South Wales Convenor

After graduating from high school, Terri completed her degree in Applied Science (Computing Science) and began her career as an Analyst Programmer where she worked in the electricity and television industries for a number of years. After taking time out to start her family, Terri enrolled at TAFE NSW to update her skills and return to work. There she discovered the value of a free, accessible and equitable public vocational education and training system. With one six month course under her belt, and having enrolled in another, she successfully applied to become a part time casual teacher in the Information Technology (IT) and Careers Pathways skills areas of TAFE NSW. Terri spent almost 24 years as a part time casual teacher with TAFE teaching on mainstream IT classes, TVET classes for Year 11 and 12 students and on equity programs for women, youth at risk and the mature unemployed. She has seen firsthand the important role that TAFE plays in the lives of so many women and girls and has experienced the difficulties and insecurity of long term casual work, something that inordinately affects women. She has campaigned for over 17 years for the public TAFE system, the rights of casuals in the workplace and the need for more permanent jobs and increased job security. After 24 years, Terri has finally secured a permanent full time position with in TAFE NSW in the Standards and Compliance Branch.

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