Debra Parker

National Communications

As an accomplished leader with a proven track record of nearly 25 years working in adult and vocational education, Debra brings a unique blend of specialised expertise in workforce development and education project management, backed by over 20 years working in the Finance Sector.

Debra brings to the committee a deep knowledge of regulated work environments and mastery of audit and compliance practices enabling her to contribute a holistic understanding of how to ensure operational excellence across WAVE practices.

Debra supports the Marketing and Communications work of WAVE, contributing to and delivering on the WAVE Marketing & Communications Strategy and Plan, including managing the social media engagement and newsletter development.

At the heart of Debra's professional philosophy is a deep-seated belief inspired by Nelson Mandela: 'Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.'

With a Masters in Professional Education and Training from Deakin University, Debra is passionate about leveraging the power of education to drive positive change, maximising equity, diversity and inclusion with a focus on gender equality.

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