Gender Lens on the Budget 2017-18

Gender Lens on the Budget 2017-18

The National Foundation for Australian Women has again prepared a report on how women have fared in the Federal Budget.

Read the report here

The VET section does not make for happy reading, but does make the following recommendations:

4.3.1 NFAW recommends that the issues around gender implications of Skilling Australians Fund be clarified with the Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills with the aim of ensuring that the major public provider, that is TAFE, receives adequate funding to provide the quality training critical to industry, small business, regions and local communities. This includes high level training and workforce development as well as foundation skills for disadvantaged learners in all equity groups, especially women, entering or re-entering the workforce.
4.3.2 NFAW recommends that funding be allocated for Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE) and other relevant women’s organisations to work with the new projects to ensure that women and girls are involved and receive appropriate mentoring and support.
4.3.3 NFAW foreshadows further campaigns to highlight the significant role of TAFE in delivering a range of programs for women and girls.
4.3.4 NFAW foreshadows action to pressure the government and the Assistant Minister to address continuing concerns about the discriminatory outcomes resulting from its approach to funding skills training focused on apprenticeships and skills shortages, without any positive funding intervention to redress the sex segregation entrenched in many industries.

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