WAVE commends VET Inquiry Report: Urges implementation of recommendations that advance Gender Equality in VET

WAVE commends VET Inquiry Report: Urges implementation of recommendations that advance Gender Equality in VET

Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE) congratulates the Australian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training final report the "Shared Vision, Equal Pathways" and the outcome of its Inquiry into the Perceptions and Status of Vocational Education and Training.

Embedded within the report’s 34 recommendations are proposals that herald a potential transformative shift towards gender equity in VET. These recommendations resonate deeply with WAVE's enduring campaign to dismantle the barriers faced by women and gender diverse individuals in vocational education.

The Inquiry's deep dive into the systemic challenges within the VET sector culminates in some targeted recommendations that address gender stereotypes, workplace discrimination, and the need for an intersectional approach to policy and program design. WAVE is particularly pleased to see in Recommendation 18 a call for explicit measures to elevate women's participation in traditionally male-dominated fields, combat gender-based violence, and ensure equitable employment conditions within VET pathways.

"WAVE extends its gratitude to the Committee for their comprehensive effort to spotlight and strategise against the inequities faced by women and gender diverse people in the VET sector," said Therese Nolan National Co-Convenor, for WAVE. "We are particularly pleased by the focus on dismantling gender stereotypes and the robust measures proposed to safeguard against gendered violence."

In light of these recommendations, WAVE is calling upon the Australian Government to swiftly implement these critical changes. The organisation stresses the importance of promotional and educational campaigns to challenge the entrenched gender stereotypes and negative attitudes that perpetuate barriers in non-traditional VET pathways.

Furthermore, WAVE emphasises the need to enhance the VET workforce's capacity to employ an intersectional lens in their teaching, ensuring that VET policies, programs, and initiatives are inclusive and equitable. "Working with expertise in gender equality to implement these recommendations will not only transform the VET sector into a more inclusive space but will also ensure it is equipped to meet the evolving demands of Australia's economy," added Kit McMahon, National Co-Convenor of WAVE. “WAVE has submitted proposals to Government for their consideration for the 2024 Budget that if implemented, can sustainably drive the changes recommended by the Committee in their report.” Said McMahon.

WAVE is ready to collaborate with policymakers, educational institutions, and industry partners to support the implementation of these transformative recommendations. The organisation believes that with collective effort and a shared vision, the VET sector can become a leading example of gender equity and inclusivity.


About Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE)

WAVE is a national network committed to promoting gender equity in adult and vocational education. Through advocacy, research, and engagement, WAVE addresses the barriers women face in accessing and benefiting from VET, aiming to ensure excellent outcomes for women and contribute to gender equity in Australia.

For further information on WAVE's initiatives and to join us in advocating for gender equity in VET, visit www.wave.org.au.

Access WAVE’s submission to the Inquiry into the Perceptions and Status of VET.

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National Co-Convenor
Women in Adult and Vocational Education (WAVE)


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